How to learn Azure with a free Sandbox subscription?

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2 min readOct 27, 2019

Microsoft Learn is an online learning platform where you can gain practical knowledge about Azure by completing a bunch of courses and hands-on labs.

Microsoft Learn homepage

Unlike the other learning platforms, it provides a free sandbox (dedicated subscription) that you can use to complete the courses. This is a perfect solution if are afraid that you will be charged for using Azure or you just don’t like / can’t use your current subscription.

For every exercise where you need to do something with the Azure platform, you will see an “Activate sandbox” button — it will create and configure your free subscription (and you don’t need to provide your credit card).

You can use this subscription for 4h. After this time the sandbox will be removed and you need to activate it again. You can activate the sandbox 4 times per day.

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Once you activate the sandbox, you need to navigate to the Azure portal, click your profile name (in the right upper corner), select “Switch directory” …

… and click Microsoft Learn Sandbox.

Now you are ready to explore Azure and learn new things!

Just remember that:

The sandbox may only be used to complete training on Microsoft Learn.

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